Heal Yourself Rich 

Spiritual healing for limitless freedom, wealth and joy.  

How to discover and heal the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of you that are limiting you from all the riches you deserve now.  


Who is Heal Yourself Rich For?

The woman that struggles to stay consistent with living a rich life due to the curveballs the Universe throws at you.  

You’re probably a stay at home mum overwhelmed by the laundry, the endless dishes, the twenty million chorus of ‘mummy’ being yelled at you in a day or the lack of ‘you time’, for nourising self-care.

Or you’re a burnout entrepreneur, juggling all the things, with a rollercoaster income, who’s invested way more than you’ve ever returned with no clear explanation as to why.  

Or you’re experiencing a loss of identity as everyone else has sucked the life out of you for years, yet you know you’re meant for more.  

Or maybe you're feeling EMPTY

You’re lacking clarity, direction and happiness blaming your circumstances, people and things but deep down you know it’s you that needs to heal.  

You’re confused with your next steps or your soul’s purpose in life and there’s a constant nagging that you need to actually fulfill that dream you keep thinking about.  

You’re exhausted and overwhelmed, going around in circles with your health and wealth and you just wish you could feel a deep connection to spirit and yourself so that you finally feel alive.  


Think on it as a sacred space to share, explore, and grow, with like minded people. A community who cheer you on, empathise with you and don’t judge you for where, what or who you are.  

It’s a safe container to just be yourself, to remove the shackles you’ve placed on yourself over the years, to forget about your role as a mother or wife and have some deep self-care time and to unapologetically rise into the happiest, wealthiest, fullest version of you.  

Imagine This...

You begin to blossom and connect to your own spiritual practice as a non negotiable daily habit 

Your healing gives you all the answers that have kept you stuck for years, clearing your mind so that you see life through funky new glasses

You reclaim your inner sparkly magic, opening yourself up to daily miracles, unlimitless abundance and frivolous fun

Your new holistic lifestyle gives you more time and energy to achieve your dreams unabashedly

You feel lighter, less cluttered and have more space to align with living your truest most authentic self

You wake up and unapologetically thank the Universe for all the finances, wealth and prosperity flowing your way

And Best Of All...

Those masks you're wearing, pretending to fit in, they fall far away for good.

You no longer give a flying hoot about failing, falling on your face or people pleasing.

And you STOP wasting your precious time, scrolling other people's feeds, some-daying that overdue holiday away and avoiding looking at the astronomical pile of bills or your online banking alerts.


Meet Lynne

Heal Yourself Rich

This course was birthed from my own spiritual practice, Universal guidance and deep desire to set women free on all levels.  

I’ve been working with the unseen since 2015 and everytime I stopped my practice, my life would spiral out of control.

I’d end up with no money (again), questioning my entire life’s path or wanting to hibernate for days on end. 


I’ve been continually upleveling my life, studying and learning from master coaches and spiritual teachers and I’ve read all the books, listened to all the podcasts and been practising the Law of Attraction. But, I seemed to only apply what I knew, when I was being guided from within. I resisted this path for so long. 

It’s cost me A LOT of money in courses and coaches and I made myself wrong for it. But finally through taking a self healing approach, I busted through the many fears and inadequate thoughts and began to live from a new way of being.

I committed to HEALING MYSELF on all levels, living a holistic lifestyle, encompassing all healing aspects and finally accepting my role as a healer. 

In my journals 3 years ago I talk about healing, even calling myself “a healer” and on my vision board, hanging behind me on my office wall, there's a large quote in the middle of it, cut out from O Magazine, saying “The Healing”. It was right under my nose but I wasn’t ready to see it or step into it. Can you relate?

I kept asking for more from the Universe and I was supported by people in the physical World who would want help to move through their blocks or deeper insight as to why they were always feeling stuck. The gift of clairsentience in me would step in and offer words, feelings, knowings that would set women free in minutes. I would suggest oils for them to use, a meditation to do and daily practices to support their healing process. The results they experienced weeks and months later were confirmation that the inner healing leads to outer success.  

A new job, a dream house, an extravagant holiday and resigning from a career were just some of their successes.

I watched women like you go for their dreams and finally STOP being a slave to their circumstances and limiting beliefs. 


You’re feeling stuck, stagnant, energyless and you’re craving real lasting WEALTH.  

But you’re going round in circles, scrolling your social media feeds, watching others live their fulfilled lives, spending money on outer things that you think will set you free, listening to webinar after webinar on what you need to do next, or playing small, hiding your true desires and pretending you’re happy with mediocre.

It’s time to Heal Yourself Rich through spiritual practices so that limitless wealth, freedom and joy become your norm.  

You’ll no longer be slave to the outer World as you’ll be so deeply connected to yourself that you’ll have your very own healing temple that will give you the answers you need.  

But it’s no coincidence you’ve landed here. I asked for incredible women like you to be part of this sacred space.  

All you have to do is trust that this is the right next best step for you. I’ll teach you the rest.  

Everything you desire is inside Heal Yourself Rich.  


Heal Yourself Rich is a 4 week online course taught exclusively by Lynne taggart, CEO of Healing Co, an online community dedicated to healing their life and leading their biz.  

Lynne teaches you through channelled guidance, soul teachings and simple earthly rituals that will supercharge your healing.  

Lynne believes simplicity is key and helps her clients to live a simple life based on ancient wisdoms, spiritual guidance and gifts from nature. 

Each module is done livestream-style in a closed Facebook group weekly. This is where you’ll be able to get all your healing questions answered. The recordings are then sent out to members of the course via email. Lifetime access to every module is given to members at the end of the 4 weeks so that you can access the information at any time.  

You’ll have the framework, tools, support and inspiration you need to heal yourself and live a life you love. 

Whether you've NO spiritual practice at all, or a ton of meditation app's on your phone that you never use, Heal Yourself Rich will give you the framework, tools, support and inspiration you need to heal yourself and have all the cash-flow you're dreaming of! Can you afford not to join?


Module 1: The Healing Process 

  • A overview of healing and the self-healing process
  • What is the subconscious mind and how does it impact healing?
  • Where does the healing process begin?
  • Get clear on what you want to heal through Lynne’s guided Heal Yourself Rich Meditation 

Module 2: Begin To Self-Heal

  • Create physical space to heal yourself and ask for guidance 
  • Understand the direct relationship between healing and wealth
  • Get clear on what you desire from your life without holding yourself back
  • Understand the benefits of living holistically to quantum leap your healing

Module 3: Healing You

  • Let go and release what needs healing
  • Learn to forgive and move on from your past
  • Understand how your thoughts, works and beliefs impact your daily wellbeing
  • Learn ways to reprogram your mind for deeper healing
  • Learn to rapidly shift your state from being rock bottom to surrendering  

Module 4: Healing Rituals

  • Learn about simple rituals to help you heal
  • Learn about the power of essential oils in healing your physical and emotional state
  • Understand the moon cycles and how you can use them to support you with healing
  • Alters, Healing Circles and the power of tuning into Mother Earth 


You'll discover soul aspects of yourself that you never knew existed, allowing you to have deep clarity and insights into yourself and the World around you

You'll activate the healing process so that stagnant energy gets released from the body for deep cellular healing

You'll learn new ways to connect with yourself and the spiritual realm, so that you feel super empowered rather than super stressed

Expect to manifest money easier as you ascend into higher vibrations, supporting a new level of wealth, money and finances

No longer feel cntrolled by life, instead you're making decisions with ease, tuning into your soul and working with Universal Laws, rather than pushing against or forcing outcomes

Approach life, yourself and others from a fresh perspective and deeper knowing so that you say NO more often and create sacred space just for you

Emerge into the lightbeing you're here to be and claim your soul's purpose for limitless abundance and joy

You'll get access to Lynne's private Facebook group where all modules, videos and community links are held




PLUS GET A SPECIAL BONUS WORTH $111 when you invite a friend and they join too!


Spiritual healing for limitless freedom, wealth and joy.  

Pay Only $111


"I went to lynne for a reading to help shift some blocks....judgement, fear and denial. Knowing that I had a message to share and wanting to help others but fearful of what others might think! She helped me understand why the blocks were appearing and immediately identified the steps needed to move forward!

It was like the universe sent her to me at the exactly the right time! Not only did I understand why but most importantly how to TRUST and move forward! I look forward to reading this in a few months to recognise my progress!"


Upon payment you will get an email from info@lynnetaggart.com inviting you to join Heal Yourself Rich private Facebook group.

You will need an Facebook account to access the course.

Heal Yourself Rich starts Friday 24th May 2019.

Trainings* as follows:

  • Week 1 - Friday 24th May 2019
  • Week 2 - Friday 31st May 2019
  • Week 3 - Friday 7th June 2019
  • Week 4 - Friday 14th June 2019

*Times are subject to change and will be announced prior to Week 1.  


Heal Yourself Rich will never be this price again.  

You get Lynne live for 4 weeks guiding you and leading you in meditations and teachings.

Lynne's work is highly sought after and her private rates are ten times higher. This makes Heal Yourself Rich a really low investment and more accessible to you.


You're ready to say YES to you and lean into your best life

You're still going round in circles endlessly searching for the freedom you crave and the wealth that would set you free

You finally accept that women are meant to live an empowered life that serves them rather than depletes them

You love the idea of having a spiritual teacher to guide you and open you up to living from your intuition

You're done with playing small and saying no to what you actually desire

You're feeling overwhelmed by all the spiritual teachings that you can turn too. You need deeper guidance

You know now's your time to create a more holistic lifetsyle that will deeply support you to heal

You can visualise having spiritual conversations with like minded women

You desire to live authentically and set your inner woo side free, climing your light and owning it


You tend to let excuses and old stories run the show

You're just not ready to heal yourself

You need convinced to join a high vibrational course like this

You're afraid to commit to yourself and set aside time for you

You have no desire to live holistically or learn more

You give up at the slightest feeling of unease or discomfort

You're in this for the money, not the actual healing process

You think that someone else will do the work for you.

You struggle daily and find it difficult to see anything positive in yor life

You will not stay the 4 week course and do the deep inner work needed

When does Heal Yourself Rich begin?

Heal Yourself Rich starts Friday 24th May 2019.

What happens after I hit the sign up button? 

You'll receive an email from info@lynnetaggart.com inviting you to the private Facebook Group where all the Heal Yourself Rich trainings will take place.

What exactly do I get in the course?

You get 4 live trainings with Lynne where she will teach you her healing process.

Each call will be approxaimately 60 minutes long.

You can access the calls within the Facebook Group at any time, if you are unable to make it live.

You will meet other women inside the Facebook Group who will help you to stay on track and support you throughout the course.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this course and the fact that it is being ran live, we do not offer refunds.

However if your expectatation was not met please email info@Lynnetaggart.com

 Do you guarantee results?

No it's not possible to guarantee your healing. Healing is such a sesnitive area that we all heal at different rates and have various outcomes. 

However, if you are all in and show up and do the work then you definately experience success.

Why should I join this program now?

This is truly the best price you will ever access this course for. A small investment to heal yourself.


Pay Only $111

PLUS GET A SPECIAL BONUS WORTH $111 when you invite a friend and they join too!

Are You In?

I invite you to shed your fears, lift your limits and discover what's truly possible for you on the other side of healing. There's nothing quite like the deep reconnection to yourself, the absolute knowing you'll receive from healing, or the freedom you'll be gifted. All priceless!

If nothing in your life changes today then what will ever change?

Follow your heart, you can do this, no matter what discomfort arises. See you on the inside!


One-time payment